Ragnarok Online Security Solution

Harmony Security

Since 2007...

The Harmony solution is based on more than five years of research and active development in the field of Ragnarok Online security.

Active development

Harmony is being developed actively. Customers receive free updates and thus benefit from evolving and improving algorithms.


Harmony 3.3

More Speed

Harmony 3.3 provides new faster routines, significantly optimizing latency and game performance.

More Security

Harmony 3.3 contains new modern algorithm providing advanced security technologies.

More Usability

Harmony 3.3 has a new installer that helps building the server core.



Customer Satisfaction


Harmony works on eAthena, rAthena, Hercules, 3ceam, eAmod, Judas' SVN, brAthena and Cronus in both 32 bit and 64 bit editions. Windows, Linux and BSD are supported.


Harmony packages are individually built and delivered within less than five minutes.


The Mission

Harmony is an innovative security system for eAthena based Ragnarok Online™ servers. It aims at providing a secure environment, allowing a better game experience for both the players and providers.
Using cutting-edge technologies, Harmony reliably blocks bots, hacks and other security threats. Serving thousands of players worldwide, it has proven itself as both a stable and secure solution.
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Why Harmony?

Harmony v3 is based on a wide experience of Ragnarok Online™ security systems. Unlike other systems, Harmony directly utilizes the peculiarities of the game client and its network protocol to create a hack-free environment. Other solutions are vulnerable to low-level attacks, allowing generic bypasses.
Harmony was designed with that in mind, and therefore delivers a much more secure approach, making generic bypasses virtually impossible.