Ragnarok Online Security Solution


Harmony is under constant development. New features may be added with each release. The development is feedback-driven, so customer input is highly appreciated.

Multi-layered Security

Harmony utilizes multiple sophisticated security layers to provide maximum protection against packet editors and other unauthorized tools. Heuristic detection, cheat signatures and many other algorithms makes cheating pretty much impossible.

Network Packet Encryption

Harmony obfuscates and encrypts the Ragnarok network traffic, preventing packet sniffers from exposing valuable information. Furthermore, it prevents bots and other third party tools from connecting to Harmony equipped servers.

GRF Encryption

Harmony allows server administrators to protect their valuable files from being stolen. The Harmony GRF encryption is highly compatible with patch clients and utilizes strong encryption algorithms.

GRF Integrity

In the past players often replaced specific Ragnarok files to bypass game restrictions like skill delays. Harmony maintains lists of secure files, which are validated against a checksum list. It is impossible to play on Harmony equipped servers using altered GRF files.

Speed Hack detection

Speed Hacks allow cheaters to speed up the system clock to bypass client-side delays. Harmony efficiently detects and blocks such hacks.

Hardware ID ban

Successfully banning intrusive players can be hard. Using Harmony, server administrators are able to block specific hardware setups, rendering dynamic IPs and proxy servers ineffective.

Code Obfuscation

Many security solutions are vulnerable to reverse engineering, allowing attackers to study the code and analyze the code. Harmony utilizes strong code obfuscation, thus preventing such attacks.